Kayma Package

Time duration 5 hours
Rp 995.000 ,-//nett


Please see below for details of what's included in Karma Package :

Warm Stone Massage

stone massage kayma spaUsing Basalt stones to the body to change the body's response to promote healing. To help increasing the blood flow in the body, detoxification is increased .

Rp. 250.000,- / 90 minutes of treatment









Volcanic Wrap

kayma spaA special treatment starting with warm stone massage and applied the wrap and finishing with coconut bath .

Rp. 350.000,- / 120 minutes of treatment









Fresh Fruit Facial

kayma facialThe facial product ingredients are prepared fresh daily as cucumber tonic, Candle nut peel, honey cleanser and flowers. Fruits mask combine to cleanse, balance and relax .

Rp. 180.000,- / 60 minutes of treatment



Cream Bath

cream bath kayma spaCool of with our cream bath product including aloe Vera, carrot, avocado, coconut with really gently head massage .

Rp. 180.000,- / 60 minutes of treatment









Ultimate Manicure

menicure kayma spa2Relaxing hand massages and manicure and complete with your choice of nail polish

Rp. 180.000,- / 60 minutes of treatmen








Ultimate Pedicure

pedicure kayma spaHydrating foot massages and pedicure and complete with your choice of nail polish .

Rp. 180.000,- / 60 minutes of treatment









Spa Souvenir

A beautiful souvenir from Kayma Spa

Photos of Kayma Spa

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