Chanti Package

Time duration 3 hours.
Price: IDR 675K / Nett


Please see below for details of what's included in Chanti Package :

Balinese Massage

balinese massage kayma spaA unique combination of Balinese local techniques, acupressure and muscles manipulation in a harmony movement for entire Body.

Price : IDR 180K for 60 minutes of treatment

Price: IDR 250K for 90 minutes of treatment




Japanese Lulur

javanese lulur

This Javanese Scrub is the ancient the royal secret key to beauty, which will leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

This hand made scrub combine rice powder and 15 spices, leafs and flowers from traditional recipes.

This treatment is finishing with flower bath .

Price: IDR 350K

120 minutes of treatment



Traditional Facial

facial kayma spaThe concept is western facial and its ritual process of toning and scrubbing has no roots in tropical Asian culture. The product is combination fresh natural garden product and natural skin care product manufactured in Indonesia .

Price: IDR 180K

60 minutes of treatment






Ultimate Manicure

menicure kayma spa2Relaxing hand massages and manicure and complete with your choice of nail polish

Price: IDR 180K

60 minutes of treatmen





Spa Souvenir

A beautiful souvenir from Kayma Spa

Photos of Kayma Spa

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